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Our Pet Memorial

In memory of our patients – your beloved pets, who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Many pet lovers have found comfort and healing in creating memorials to honor their cherished companions. While they may be gone from our lives, they will never leave our hearts. As a staff, we are grateful to be there to help out and provide support during those emotional times. We enjoy hearing the stories of what your pet’s life was like.

Add Your Pet To Our Memorial


Thumper was born on a farm in Illinois before coming to me and was originally nicknamed "spike". She helped me study during college and was with me for several major milestones in my life. she loved chasing bouncy balls, eating treats, and laying in the sun.


Kindell, You will forever be my "soul dog". Your loyalty and unconditional love got me through some tough times. Until we meet again, I will smile at every passing pitty and think of how many times in your life you were vocally misunderstood. Gone too soon. "Ruv Roo Kindell Roo" xoxo


Taj gave us over 14 years of love, joy, happiness, and companionship. He was a "graduate" of Jefferson College's Veterinary Technician Program. After completing the program he came home and took on the role of a spoiled dog. He never met a stranger and loved spending time with other dogs. He had a sweet howl that could be heard if he ever felt he wasn't getting enough attention. He loved to play ball, take naps on the couch, and play in the snow. There were a lot of memories made in the many years we were blessed to have him. Missing you so much "Baby Son". Run free until we meet again.


Luke was what many refer to as a heart dog. He came to his family after making it through the Joplin tornado in 2011. Luke spent many days riding as the copilot in the seat next to his mom on their way to work. He lived life as a vet tech's dog at the vet clinic napping in various areas around the office and getting spoiled with treats regularly. He had the ability to bring a sense of calm and warmth to anyone in his presence. He is missed by many and all that knew him feel lucky to have had the opportunity. My heart will forever hold your memory.


Bailey joined her forever family when she was 8 years old and was lucky to have the best 7 retirement years with them. She started her life out in a rough situation where she didn't have faith or trust in people, and didn't know what a carefree life a dog could live. That all changed when she picked her new mom in an unlikely and unexpected situation. She will forever be remembered by her hound dog bark, the slight bend in her one ear, and her spunky hops for joy that were all one of a kind. She is a prime example that no matter what kind of past you have that your life can always turn around for the better. Thanks for that life lesson reminder "Old Lady". We love you always.

Ares & Phoebe

Ares & Phoebe were an inseparable pair. The most affectionate, loving and loyal dogs I’ve ever known❤️


Foxy was a 16 yr old Shiba mix who loved any and all the attention. She spent her days talking many walks with her mom and hanging out at daycare. When she was not doing that she was spending time with her grandparents getting all the treats. In her younger years she enjoyed chasing bunnies and squirrels. She loved going on car rides and attending dog friendly events with her mom. As she got older she still loved going on long walks. She loved playing with cardboard boxes and destroying the Christmas tree. She was loved by so many and will greatly be missed.


We were blessed to have had 13 years with the sweetest boy ever in our lives. He loved everyone he met and always brought his favorite toy to anyone entering our home. He will be missed greatly and will always be in our hearts.
- Carol & Dave Muhlenbruch


I don’t even know where to start with my Scrappy boy. He has gotten me through so many ups and downs in my life in the past 16 years and it’s hard to think about life without him.
We were together for 9 homes, he had 5 other 4 legged siblings and his love for carrots at while he was at Grantview goes unmatched. He even had the UPS man trained to give him carrots when he dropped off.
Until we meet again Scrappy, your memories will live on forever.
- Kristy Erker


Our sweet Copper gave us 17 1/2 years of unconditional love. She was sassy, smart, playful, loving and devoted. She is missed terribly.
- Katherine Moss

Barney David

He loved to cuddle and give me kisses ❤️
- June Peters


Our sweet Molly gave us so much love and happiness just shy of 15 years. She was loyal, sassy, beautiful, intelligent, athletic- especially a great ball player, alert, fearless. We were so proud that she was a part of our family. Our little pack will never be same. She will be forever in our memories and heart. We miss you forever Molly.
- Laurie McCormick


The sweetest, goofy boy❤️ We will miss you so much!
-Laura Rivera


I miss him bringing me socks everyday. I miss him being everywhere I was at all times. I miss his cuddles and his sweet face.
- Amanda Sneed


You were the best pet that dad and I ever had and we’re going to miss you and we love you and no other cat could be a better cat than you are you had a good life you took it took you from the wild and you had a wonderful life with your sister Callie, and we miss you.
- Amanda